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Trooper Jess Found

Julie Hagen of Bascule Farm informed The Equiery that on October 28, Trooper Jess had been returned to his field around 5p.m. “No details other than he appears to have lost weight but seems otherwise healthy,” said Hagen. How he got out of the field and who returned him is still a...

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Have You Seen This Horse?

Trooper Jess, a 16-hand black Quarter Horse gelding went missing from a farm in Barnsville on Tuesday, October 20. His owner, Margaret Mellon thinks that he jumped out of the pasture and said several people in the area reported seeing the horse running through the neighborhood. He has not been seen since October 20 and Mellon is offering a reward for his return. If you have any information about Trooper Jess, please contact The Equiery at 1-800-244-9580 or e-mail...

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Your Opinion Is Needed: Maryland Horse Industry Today & Tomorrow

WANTED Your participation! Your ideas, thoughts, opinions, analysis, conclusions and brainstorming creativity. Maryland Horse Industry Forum August 6, 2009 Show Place Arena Prince George’s Equestrian Center Upper Marlboro, Maryland 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m Guest of Honor: Governor Martin O’Malley Registration Fee: FREE Only your time, attention and critical thinking skills are needed. The Equiery is pleased to sponsor the 2009 Maryland Horse Industry Forum If you have a stake in the Maryland equine industry, then you need to be at the Show Place Arena on August 6. From racing and slots to trails and greenways, from education to zoning and land preservation, Maryland’s equestrian community faces a myriad of challenges. What should be done? Where should we focus our efforts? Horse Park? Import/Export facility? Should Maryland focus resources on acquiring more public lands? Or should the State instead offer incentives for conservation and trail access easements on private land?  Should the Maryland Office of Tourism help to better promote equine-related tourist activities, such as guided trail rides and attending the races? How can the Department of Economic Development help the average horse business? Should the Maryland Insurance Commission do more about equine insurance? Governor O’Malley wants to know your thoughts! Over 300 industry, state and local leaders attended the 2004 Forum, including the Governor. That Forum provided the raw ideas for scores of initiatives, many of which have...

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The Equiery News Feed

Welcome to The Equiery’s new News Feed! Similar to popular “blogs,” The Equiery News Feed will be a companion to our monthly print edition of “News & Views,” enabling you to get important updates (such as health alerts and breaking news) in between the monthly print editions – delivered directly to you via your e-mail or your RSS feed! The Equiery News Feed replaces our old “News and Resources” page on our website, and will provide better cross referencing and links. Over the next few weeks, we will be posting information on the following subjects, so check back often or sign up for your e-mail notices. • Jockey Club Bankruptcy Update • MD Legislative Session – How it Affects Horses • The Equiery’s Stable Study and the Economic Status of the MD Horse Industry • Preakness Entries and Race Day Results If you have any questions or are having trouble navigating this page, please call us at 1-800-244-9580 x107 or e-mail We would love to hear your comments on what you think of this page and/or about any of the news blasts posted. Simply click on the “comments” button and your message will be automatically sent to us (these comments will not be posted or printed without your permission, and may be edited for...

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