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Please Participate in University of Maryland Equine-Related Injury Study

The Equiery is supporting a University of Maryland School of Public Health study on horse-related injuries and safety practices among people who interact with horses in Maryland and Virginia. The goal of this survey is to characterize the injuries that are most commonly occurring in this population and to identify ways in which safety practices can be improved to reduce the occurrence of injury and improve the outcome after injury. We are asking all Equiery readers to participate in this survey, regardless of whether or not you have suffered a horse-related injury. Everyone who completes the survey will be able to enter into a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate to Dover Saddlery! The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete. Your responses are very important to us and the results of the survey will be shared in a future issue of The Equiery. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to participate. Click here to take the survey and enter into the...

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More snow photos…

Here are just a few more snow photos from our readers. More to come in the March issue! Plus a heartfelt story about saving a Fjord. Devin’s Darling, owned by Linda Byrd (Dickerson) – photo by Linda Byrd Picasso getting some exercise at Reddemeade Farm (Silver Spring) – photo by Ingrid Ivins Abbey the Aussie seems not to mind the deep snow at GoodNess Ridge Farm (Mt. Airy) – photo by Shari...

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Snow Pics!

The Equiery has been flooded with snow photos and stories! Keep them coming! Send your snow photos and stories to We’ll keep posting a few here throughout the next couple of days. Look for more photos/stories in the March 2010 issue. Here’s a photo from Betty Donovan on the Eastern Shore. Scarlett (4-year-old Morgan filly) jumps up to find another good spot for a snow...

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Is working around horses as dangerous as we think it is?

Common wisdom says that working around horses is dangerous. But is it really? And how dangerous is it in comparison to, oh, say working in Nascar? Or working in the construction industry? The Maryland Horse Council is conducting a survey on injuries in equine businesses. The scope of the survey includes, but is not limited to, owners of training, boarding, and lesson, stables, shipping companies, stall mucking companies, vet hospitals, carriage operators, pony ride operators, hunt clubs, as well as to individual service professionals and providers – anyone who would hire employees or have interns or student workers, including but not limited to, veterinarians, farriers, and dentists. It will be a blind survey, and you can participate anonymously through the internet. It will only take a few minutes. Click here to take survey To comment, please e-mail or *************** Place your free classified on today!   Buying or selling? New classifieds placed daily. ...

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Trooper Jess Found

Julie Hagen of Bascule Farm informed The Equiery that on October 28, Trooper Jess had been returned to his field around 5p.m. “No details other than he appears to have lost weight but seems otherwise healthy,” said Hagen. How he got out of the field and who returned him is still a...

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