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Kudos for the WSSC

The Equiery has run editorials critical of WSSC (the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, which 6,000 acres around the Patuxent watershed), so – in the spirit of the holiday season, we thought it appropriate to run kudos to WSSC! Below, longtime Equiery reader Debby Poole expresses her appreciation to the employees of the WSSC. I wanted to thank the WSSC watershed manager, Eddie Franceschi for another fantastic year of riding the beautiful equestrian trails on the WSSC. I moved to Burtonsville, Maryland onto Belle Cote Drive when I was 15 years old. I got my first horse when I turned...

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How Efforts To Stop Big Lick Soring Could Affect You & Your Sport Horse

Think efforts to stop the soring techniques used by a small handful of horse trainers in the deep south to produce the exaggerate “big lick” of Tennessee Walking Horses doesn’t affect you? Think again – AND thank your farrier, if your farrier happens to be a member of the American Farrier Association. And never forget the mantra, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Living in a state adjacent to our nation’s capital, most Marylanders are accustomed to the current ongoing debate within serious media: the creation of laws via the legislative process vs. the making of...

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Attn Horse Biz Owners: What you need to know about your cash bank deposits.

  The article below is about what happened to a Maryland dairy farmer after the I.R.S. seized their operating capital, legally earned money, under a ostensible crime called “structuring” – but it could happen to you. If you buy or sell horses for cash, or regularly make bank deposits just under $10,000 each, read on to find out how the Maryland Farm Bureau is working hard to keep the IRS from seizing your lawfully earned income. Funds Returned to Local Farmers By Valerie Connelly, executive director of the Maryland Farm Bureau Another Maryland Farm Bureau policy was achieved this summer with the announcement that the IRS will finally return money seized from local farmers in a “structuring” nightmare that began in 2012. The seizure of bank accounts that year was so offensive to Maryland Farm Bureau members that our voting delegates wrote policy calling on the federal government to stop using its structuring law – that was intended to stop terrorists – as a means of stealing thousands of dollars from hard working farmers. MFB delegates successfully passed our policy at the AFBF national convention. Then we worked with Rep. Andy Harris of the 1st Congressional District to introduce legislation. Four years later, following numerous hearings by the House Ways & Means Oversight Subcommittee and work by groups inside and outside of Farm Bureau, the IRS agreed to return...

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Maryland Legislative March Madness!

Caroline County Sunday Hunting, Animal Crime Penalties, Arabian Racing, Open Space & Preservation, Compounding of Vet Drugs A key date in the ninety-day session of the Maryland General Assembly is “cross-over day;” this is the day that if a bill is not voted out of its original house, so that it can “cross-over” to the opposite chamber for debate, it is effectively dead for this year. 2016 cross-over day was March 21; the 2016 legislative session will officially adjourn on April 11 (also known as “sine die”), and so – as you read this, there is a rush of...

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Racing Commission approves OTB at Timonium fairgrounds

Late on Monday, February 22, the much-anticipated decision by the Maryland Racing Commission was released: in a vote of 7-0 (with two abstentions) the commission approved the Maryland Jockey Club’s request for full-time, year-round off-track betting parlor in the Maryland State Fair grandstands. The Timonium parlor will be the fourth OTB in Maryland, and the first in Baltimore County.  Maryland law already allowed for an OTB at the state fairgrounds, which was operational during the 10 days of the August state fair; state law did not limit the OTB days to 10. Nevertheless, in order to expand, permission was needed from the Racing Commission. Residents and local elected officials, however, fearful of gambling and that the OTB would become a slots parlor, have vowed to fight the facility via local zoning legislation. For more information, see Jeff Barker’s article in The Baltimore...

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The Maryland Horse Industry Legislative Day: Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The 436th session of the Maryland General Assembly began on January 13, 2016 and closes on April 11. To date, there have been 1,104 bills introduced in the Senate and 1,575 in the House. And the Maryland Horse Council attempts to review all of them for any potential or significant impact on the horse industry or in the equestrian community. For more on current bills, please scroll down. On Tuesday, February 23, members of the Maryland equestrian community are invited to participate in Maryland Horse Industry Day in Annapolis, which begins at 1 p.m. and concludes with a cocktail reception. Speakers during the day include (but are not limited to) Senate President Mike Miller; Senator JB Jennings (currently owns a boarding stable with his wife, and is a former feed store owner); Senator Joan Carter Conway; David Brinkley, former pony clubber and Secretary of the Department of Budget & Management; Joseph Bartenfelder, Secretary of Agriculture; Mark Belton, Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources; Kelly Schulz, Secretary of the Department of Labor & Licensing. Click here to learn more or to register. During the day, members of the Maryland equestrian community will discuss the following legislative priorities with elected and appointed officials: Protecting, Promoting & Maintaining Open Space Promote the maintenance and preservation of open space, with equine and multi-user access, including the use of State Highway Administration funds...

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