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Former Marylander Ashley Furst Accused of Embezzling Nearly $600k from AHC

Ashley Furst, former director of communications for the American Horse Council and former Maryland-resident, and her husband Christopher Furst have been named in a federal lawsuit for allegedly stealing nearly $600,000 from AHC over the course of five years. The case is also under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to public document Civil Action No. 1:18-CV, filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado on Tuesday, September 26, “While she was employed by the American Horse Council Inc., Defendant Ashley Furst orchestrated a complex and carefully-planned criminal enterprise whereby she stole at least $588,061.84 from the non-profit organization and its charitable foundation over the course of nearly five years. She attempted to cover up her theft by hiding information from management, falsifying bank statements and payroll documents, and applying for an unauthorized loan intended to replenish stolen funds. Defendant Ashley Furst used the stolen money to support a lavish lifestyle and make large purchases. To date, Defendant Ashley Furst continues to conceal her fraud.” The suit was brought by the American Horse Council and the American Horse Council Foundation. Furst was first hired by AHC in 2010 as an office administrator, working in their Washington, DC office. Over time her responsibilities grew into the role of communications director. In 2017, she moved to Colorado and signed a telecommuting agreement with AHC to allow...

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Carroll County woman charged with 72 counts of animal cruelty; 18 horses seized

On Monday, July 17, 2017, Megan Bollinger (Westminster) was charged with 72 (updated from original 36)  criminal counts of animal cruelty. The charges follow the June 22 removal of 18 horses by Carroll County Animal Control. Bollinger is scheduled to be tried in Carroll County District Court on September 19. The Equiery will follow the case, and provide more details as they become available (and can be verified by...

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Hagerstown Man Guilty 37 Counts of Animal Neglect 

Joseph Bowers, Jr. has been found guilty of 37 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty by Judge Mark Thomas in the Washington County District Court. On January 22, 2016 field service officers for the Humane Society of Washington County (the county’s official animal control division) seized two horses from Bowers, charging him at that time with 12 counts of animal cruelty for failure to provide food, water, veterinary care, and causing unnecessary pain and suffering. On April 1, 2016, the HSWC received a complaint concerning the welfare of additional horses owned by Bowers. A properly executed search and seizure warrant was then served on April 3rd, and this time a total of five horses were removed from two separate properties. Of those seized, some were found emaciated inside of a barn, standing in up to two feet of manure and urine. Two of the emaciated horses were pregnant and due within weeks. Several horses had urine scald on their bodies. They were infested with parasites and in critical condition. Bowers was then charged with an additional 25 counts of neglect. On October 24, Bowers was sentenced to a 90-day suspended sentence on all charges for a total of 21 months. He must serve a three-year period of supervised probation with all fines waived. Bowers had to forfeit all the seized horses, but will be allowed to maintain one horse per...

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Attn Horse Biz Owners: What you need to know about your cash bank deposits.

  The article below is about what happened to a Maryland dairy farmer after the I.R.S. seized their operating capital, legally earned money, under a ostensible crime called “structuring” – but it could happen to you. If you buy or sell horses for cash, or regularly make bank deposits just under $10,000 each, read on to find out how the Maryland Farm Bureau is working hard to keep the IRS from seizing your lawfully earned income. Funds Returned to Local Farmers By Valerie Connelly, executive director of the Maryland Farm Bureau Another Maryland Farm Bureau policy was achieved this summer with the announcement that the IRS will finally return money seized from local farmers in a “structuring” nightmare that began in 2012. The seizure of bank accounts that year was so offensive to Maryland Farm Bureau members that our voting delegates wrote policy calling on the federal government to stop using its structuring law – that was intended to stop terrorists – as a means of stealing thousands of dollars from hard working farmers. MFB delegates successfully passed our policy at the AFBF national convention. Then we worked with Rep. Andy Harris of the 1st Congressional District to introduce legislation. Four years later, following numerous hearings by the House Ways & Means Oversight Subcommittee and work by groups inside and outside of Farm Bureau, the IRS agreed to return...

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6 Men, 14 Horses, & 160 Baseless Counts of Criminal Animal Cruelty When The Equiery first reported on the case of the 14 cart ponies seized in Baltimore, we thought the seizure was tinged with racism and classism – and no small amount of elitism. That was January 2015. Fourteen months later, we are convinced of it. Unlike the animal control and State’s Attorney’s offices in various Maryland counties, most of which have been very cooperative, providing The Equiery with documentation regarding seizures in equine cases (special shout-outs to the State’s Attorneys in Queen Anne’s, Anne Arundel and Washington Counties), the Baltimore City...

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Horsey Guilty of Misdemeanor Animal Cruelty in Botched Euthanasia

Yesterday, Ceba Horsey was found guilty on three of four counts of animal cruelty in the District Court for Wicomico County. As The Equiery reported last summer, the Wicomico County, Maryland State’s Attorney charged Delaware resident Ceba Horsey with one felony count of aggravated animal cruelty and three counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty for botching the euthanasia of his horse, which had suffered a broken leg. According to a press release issued by the Wicomico County Sheriff’s office, on 9 July 2015 a deputy responded to a call regarding an injured horse lying in the grass at boarding stable...

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