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Cindy Halle Named US Polo Associations’ Woman of the Year

(First published in June 2018 issue of The Equiery) In Maryland, Cindy Halle may be best known as former coach of Garrison Forrest School’s polo teams, but her dedication to the sport of polo goes much further. She is a player, umpire, clinician and even a certified trainer to train other polo instructors. Since she first started playing nearly four decades ago, she has helped grow the sport in many ways. For her role within the US polo community, the US Polo Association recently named her their Woman of the Year. Halle said, “The award is not just for playing,...

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Ella Brophy, 2017 Jonathan Kiser Memorial Scholar

By Katherine Rizzo (First appeared in March 2018 issue of  The Equiery) It seems that the Brophy family of Fair Hill has produced yet another young jump jockey who possesses not only great riding skills, but also excellent horsemanship, sportsmanship, talent, and dedication to the sport of steeplechase racing. These are the requirements for the Maryland Steeplechase Association’s Jonathan Kiser Memorial Scholarship, and in 2017 Ella Brophy became the second Brophy child to win this award. “I feel really honored to have been chosen,” said Ella. “It is nice to know that people in this sport think highly of my...

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Remembering Kingdon Gould, Jr.

By Katherine Rizzo (First appeared in March 2018 issue of The Equiery) In a time when such horses as Mountain Dew and Jay Trump were running and jumping over Maryland’s biggest timber fences, a small bay horse and a businessman joined forces to challenge the racing tycoons and create their own steeplechasing history. Kingdon Gould, Jr., and Hurdy Gurdy became names that will forever be intertwined. Their story has inspired many truly amateur riders, fellow businessmen on their foxhunters, to take up the sport of chasing timber, and for that, Kingdon and Hurdy Gurdy will live on as long as...

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Pimlico Sunrise Tour Guides

Meet Your Sunrise at Old Hilltop Tour Guides Tour Information Join Pimlico’s Sunrise Tour Guides during Preakness week! Tours run from 6 a.m. ’til 9 a.m. on Tuesday through Friday during Preakness week. (first appeared in the May 2018 issue of The Equiery) Bet Bridges Bet Bridges is a trainer and exercise rider based out of Monkton. She specializes in training Thoroughbreds for the track, as well as for show jumping and foxhunting. She founded the Bridges Equestrian Team for young riders in 2014 and enjoys transitioning retiring racehorses to the show ring. Bet is a 2015 graduate of...

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Karen Kandra Wenzel

It started in 1965 with a pony and a junior hunt, and it immediately became a lifetime passion of following the fox, first in the saddle and then with a camera. Karen Kandra Wenzel of Woodbine has 50 years of chasing the fox by hoof and foot, capturing 50 packs (and counting) with her lens.

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The People Behind Preakness

With well over 100,000 people converging on Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore for one important race day in May and billions watching around the world, the Preakness Stakes is very much in the spotlight. The pressure is high to put on a good show and the race goes off each year without a hitch only because of the people behind the Preakness. These men and women hold all kinds of jobs from general manager to track farrier to pony riders and each and every one of them makes the second jewel in the Triple Crown the people’s party, the race that horsemen and spectators alike often say is just plain done right. Each year we catch up with a few of these people to chat about their roles at the Preakness stakes, memories and more. (first appeared in the May 2018 issue of The Equiery) Kaymarie Kreidel Outrider Outrider Kaymarie Kreidel grew up riding in the show ring on ponies before ever sitting on a racehorse. When she had outgrown the ponies, she stopped by a neighbor’s farm and asked if they needed someone to ride some of their horses. “They asked if I had ever sat on a racehorse before and I said ‘sure!’ which wasn’t really true at the time,” she said laughing. There she started helping get layups back into work, and lightly breezing youngsters. A...

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