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Medieval Times in Maryland

by Avery Smith Avery Smith is a second-year undergraduate student at Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland, studying ancient history, archaeology and the history of art and architecture. This past summer, she interned at The Equiery, at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore and for the Maryland Steeplechase Association. She has been an active rider for over ten years, participating primarily in fox chasing. This summer, The Equiery staff took a field trip to experience Maryland’s only professional equi-tainment dinner theater, the Medieval Times at Arundel Mills Mall. The theater itself is known in official Medieval Times company lingo as...

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Maryland Fence Law

(First appeared in the April, 2017 issue of The Equiery) As of press time, both the House and Senate versions of a bill to repeal a St. Mary’s County fencing law (HB109/SB102) had passed their respective houses and crossed over, essentially making the repeal of Public Local Law Article 19, Chapter 43 “Fences” a done deal. Enacted in 1916, the law required neighboring farmers in St. Mary’s County to install joint farm fences built to certain specifications (post-and-rail at four feet, bottom plank eight inches from ground, planks/rail no more than eight inches apart, etc.); the law goes on...

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Equiery Readers on Fencing

(First appeared in the April, 2017 issue of The Equiery) For this year’s Farm Fix-Up issue, we surveyed our readers to learn more about their fences. No surprise, more of our readers have board fencing than any other kind. Did you know that in other parts of the country, dark board fencing is known as “Maryland fence?” Kentucky is known for its white board fences, and we are known for our dark board fencing (once upon a time, they were creosoted; these days, they are left to age naturally, or are oiled or painted). What kinds of fencing do...

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Stuck in the Mud

Gravel: The simple solution that is “not simple.”   After one of our wettest, muckiest winters on record, Marylanders are girding their loins for an equally mucky wet spring. Many horse farm owners are looking for simple solutions to that perennial scourge of scourges: mud. Deep boot-sucking, tractor-sucking, soul-sucking mud anywhere the horses congregate; mud that sucks off shoes, twists stifles and destroys any hope of future pasture. One seemingly simple solution is to just throw some gravel down, and the local gravel pits tell us that their phones hum this time of the year with requests from farmers...

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Going Green with Solar Power

by Katherine O. Rizzo (first appeared in the April 2016 issue of The Equiery) The idea of “going green” can apply to many practices that help our environment on a local and global scale. From recycling to turning the lights off to reusable grocery bags, everyday people can make everyday changes that make more than just a local impact. Many horse farms in Maryland have taken the “going green” idea a step further by fencing off streams, using proper pasture management practices and installing clean energy sources such as solar panels. For this year’s Farm Fix-Up issue, The Equiery...

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