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Maryland & The Global Economy

Marylanders Discovering New Business Opportunities with Russia October 2001 When it comes to our government agencies, farmers and horsemen generally think of them in terms of what they don’t let them do (i.e. this reg prohibits me from doing that). Rarely do we think of government agencies in terms of what they do help us do. Not so for five members of Maryland’s equine industry, who traveled to Russia as part of an equine industry trade delegation from the Maryland Department of Agriculture. This visit reciprocates an earlier Preakness week visit made by a similar delegation to Maryland from Russia. The Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Errol Small and his staff, working with Tim Capps of the Maryland Horsebreeders Association, Judith Robinson of the U.S. Department of Commerce (BISNIS), and Myriam Norris of the Maryland Sister States Program, brought the first delegation of Russian horsebreeders to the U.S. since the breakup of the Soviet Union. The Russian delegation was led by the Ministry of Agriculture’s top equine authority, B.D. Antontsov, and included the directors of the National Horsebreeding Association, Equine Husbandry in Northwest Russia, the country’s largest breeding farm, and the Racing Manager of the Moscow Hippodrome. Following World War II, Russian Thoroughbreds were excluded from the International Studbook, but were re-admitted about three years ago. Despite exclusion, Russian Thoroughbreds did run, by special permission, in several Laurel International Racesthe...

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