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Laura Hillenbrand and Seabiscuit: An Equiery Interview

The Equiery Interview: “Author” Laura Hillenbrand and Seabiscuit September 2001 An American Legend (Random House, $24.95) galloped to the top of the best seller lists upon its release in March and has maintained a torrid literary pace ever since, giving the general reading public a taste of horse racing’s excitement and a glimpse of the legendary horse whose headline-making match race with War Admiral was just one of his achievements. It has also brought author Laura Hillenbrand to the winner’s circle. A longtime contributor to Equus and other equine publications, Hillenbrand wrote a story about the 30s racing legend for American Heritage Magazine, a story that won an Eclipse Award, thoroughbred racing’s highest honor. That story was the basis for her inspiration to take the tale of the horse further. Hillenbrand’s book proposal sent her on a four year ride, back to the days when Seabiscuit was everywhere, when his name was as well-known as a rock star’s, and his name and image graced novelties of all sorts. In those dark days of the late 1930s, the horse was a hero whose current athletic peer might be Michael Jordan…or indeed, he might have no modern day equal at all. The resulting book retells the tale of an extraordinary horse, and the men who believed in him. It has captured the imagination of readers today, just as Seabiscuit’s exploits excited...

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Goodbye Stalin by Sigrid Thomas

Who Knew? – The Life of Sigrid Thomas For years at The Equiery, we have batted about the idea of a story (or series of stories) entitled “The Secret Lives of Maryland Horse People.” Horses certainly define the parameters of life for a large percentage, if not the vast majority, of Equiery readers, and it is through horses, or because of horses, that many of us connect with each other. If it were not for our horses, we might never have the opportunity to meet. School bus drivers ride side-by-side – and on equal footing – with titans of industry, each often never fully aware of what the other does when un-mounted. There is a certain democracy embodied in the horse world – as well as a certain anonymity. Over the years, we have learned of the fascinating non-equine related lives that many of our readers have, that one would never have suspected given their discipline or job. The fastidious hunter princess who likes to go wild turkey hunting, and even dresses her own birds. The farrier who is also a violinist with a major city orchestra. Who knew? And so it is – or was – with a stalwart of the local dressage scene, Sigrid Thomas, who died of complications related to cancer on Monday, October 22, 2007, as we were getting ready to write this article. Thus...

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