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Foal Contest

The Equiery’s Annual Foal Photo Contest Rules & Requirements Do you have our next cover baby? Your foal could be featured on our glossy August 2018 cover! Eligible foals are those born this year in Maryland, sired by Maryland sires or owned by Maryland residents. All entries must include: Foal’s name (if unavailable, list as unnamed) Foal’s breed, sex & birth date Foal’s sire (name & breed) & dam (name & breed) Dam’s sire (if available) Owner/breeder’s name, address & contact information (if different, please send both owner & breeder’s information) Photographer’s name, age, address & contact information Photographer’s...

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Tips & Tricks Summer Riding

Tips and Tricks for Selecting & Operating a Summer Riding Program by Katherine O. Rizzo When it comes to summer camps and summer riding programs, March is the unofficial deadline for securing program spots, hiring staff and making sure all paperwork is filed correctly. Navigating the world of camps as a parent can be a bit scary, and as a camp organizer, even more! But never fear! Whether you are an organizer, parent, counselor or camper, The Equiery is here to help! What Parents Need to Know When we asked camp directors what the biggest advice they would give...

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Karen Kandra Wenzel

It started in 1965 with a pony and a junior hunt, and it immediately became a lifetime passion of following the fox, first in the saddle and then with a camera. Karen Kandra Wenzel of Woodbine has 50 years of chasing the fox by hoof and foot, capturing 50 packs (and counting) with her lens.

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Diagnosis and Treatment Options for Diseases of the Equine Respiratory Tract

with Elizabeth MacDonald, BVMS, MS Clinical Instructor of Equine Medicine Diseases of the respiratory tract are common in horses of all ages. Clinical signs vary from exercise intolerance, respiratory noise, lethargy, enlarged lymph nodes, cough, fever, and nasal discharge. Because many respiratory diseases can look alike when they are in the early stages, an accurate diagnosis is important to ensure the best treatment outcome possible. Respiratory disease can be classified into infectious and non-infectious causes. Infectious causes can be contagious to other horses and include viral infections like equine herpes virus and equine influenza virus, and bacterial infections like...

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Who’s Who in the Maryland Horse Council

First published in the February 2018 Equiery The Maryland Horse Council is the umbrella organization for all horse organizations in Maryland and recently, purchased The Equiery magazine. The Board of Directors consists of one representative from each member organization, as well as Directors-at-Large who represent individuals, farm and business memberships, and youth groups. The board of directors, which meets quarterly, elects the officers and the Executive Committee. The executive committee serves as the steering committee for the council, meeting monthly and conferring regularly to oversee housekeeping and planning issues for MHC. Here is a look at the current MHC executive committee. For more information on MHC, click here. To become a MHC member, click here. President: Neil Agate Neil Agate is the founder of Four Gates, LLC, a business and technology services firm that works with early stage companies in Healthcare IT. He is a board member of the British-American Business Association and co-chair of the association’s communications committee. While Neil enjoys all horse activities, he is an avid polo player. In addition to playing polo, he has announced many charity polo matches up and down the East Coast. Originally from England, Neil has lived with his wife Kathy and two daughters in Darnestown for the last 20 years. Vice President: Steuart Pittman, Jr. Steuart Pittman, Jr., and his siblings are the eighth generation of his family to own...

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Trailers, Vans, The Laws & You

What you don’t know could leave your horses stranded on the side of the road. When it comes to the road, most of our readers are law-abiding citizens.  We have driver’s licenses; our vehicles are insured. We are even (grudgingly) starting to comply with the new laws requiring that we be “hands-free” when on the phone. But when it comes to our trucks and trailers, many of us are not complying with the laws. In most cases, this is unintentional, as we are merely unaware that, with that new truck or that gooseneck, we may have entered a whole...

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