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How The Mom & Pop Tack Shop Survives and Thrives in a Big Box Land

The horse industry in Maryland is undergoing a renaissance; not since before the Great Recession have we seen so many innovative horse businesses being launched. No longer the usual menu of lessons, boarding or training, Maryland’s over 1,600 commercial stables offer a hodgepodge of exciting new programs, from driving to therapeutic to interactive programs that don’t involve riding at all. We are seeing a similar growth in product innovation and small manufacturing businesses. Retail, however, is a different story.

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Marylander Completes Mustang Makeover

This past September, Mt. Airy resident Toby Gibbon once again headed off to compete in the Extreme Mustang Makeover. A four-time Top 10 Finalist, this was Toby’s eighth time competing in the makeover. His entry for this year’s competition was Ima Boy Scout, a five-year-old Mustang that he began working with earlier this year. One hundred and twenty Mustangs competed this year with 57 of them being adopted through the program at the end of the event. Toby was among 79 trainers who competed and finished 47th overall. To read more about Toby Gibbon and his passion for Mustangs,...

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The People Behind Preakness

With well over 100,000 people converging on Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore for one important race day in May and billions watching around the world, the Preakness Stakes is very much in the spotlight. The pressure is high to put on a good show and the race goes off each year without a hitch only because of the people behind the Preakness. These men and women hold all kinds of jobs from general manager to track farrier to pony riders and each and every one of them makes the second jewel in the Triple Crown the people’s party, the race that horsemen and spectators alike often say is just plain done right. Each year we catch up with a few of these people to chat about their roles at the Preakness stakes, memories and more. (first appeared in the May 2017 issue of The Equiery) Assistant General Manager Tim Luzius Although Tim Luzius has only recently been named Assistant General Manager for the Maryland Jockey Club, he has been a member of the MJC family for 30 years. Tim got his start at the racetrack as a mutuel teller in 1988 when he and his brother answered an ad in the paper while looking for part-time work. “I started by just working some of the bigger races at Pimlico, Laurel and nights at Freestate, the harness track,” Tim explained....

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Secret Lives

The Secret Lives of Maryland Horse People What they do when they are not doing horses! Do you have a passion outside of horses? Email a photo and caption to for future editions. Melanie Biemiller Runner Melanie Biemiller, executive director of Maryland Horse Rescue, finds stress release in running. She ran her first marathon at age 50 and has also run several half-marathons. Melanie also ran a 200-mile, 36-hour relay race from Gettysburg, PA to Washington, DC! (appeared in the March 2017 issue of The Equiery) Fritz Boniface Singer & Musician Jump jockey Fritz Boniface of Havre de Grace sings and plays the guitar. (appeared in the Nov. 2016 issue of The Equiery) John Brophy Musician Kiser Scholar and steeplechase jockey John Brophy (far left) playing the fiddle at Fair Hill International. (appeared in the Oct. 2016 issue of The Equiery) Sheila Jackson Brown Singer Green Spring Hounds MFH Sheila Jackson Brown singing at the MSA Governor’s Cup awards reception. (appeared in the Oct. 2016 issue of The Equiery) William "Beaver" Brown Basketball Periwinkle Farm manager William “Beaver” Brown, pictured here with boarder Jean Peterson, shows off his basketball skills each year at the Howard County Fair. (appeared in the Oct. 2016 issue of The Equiery) Gretchen Butts Runner Waredaca co-owner and eventing judge/official Gretchen Butts, pictured here completing the Disney Half Marathon this past January, is an...

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Mid-Season Eventing Leaderboard Update

As we cross the halfway point in the eventing season, many Maryland riders and horses find themselves nationally ranked on the U.S. Eventing Association’s Leaderboards, presented by Bit of Britain. And with an extra week on Maryland’s summer calendar, there is plenty of time to cross-country school at one of Maryland’s fabulous facilities! If you have a cross-country facility and want to be added to The Equiery’s Directory to Cross-Country Schooling Courses, call 1-800-244-9580 or email today! In the OVERALL standings, Marilyn Little of Frederick is the highest ranked Marylander sitting in 16th place. She is also the...

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Maryland Horse Council News Updates

2017 January 2017 2017 Preview of Activities, MHC’s New Slate Officers May 2017 MHC Day at the Races, Help MHC Go Pro 2016 January 2016  MHC Meeting, 2016 Preview of Activities May 2016 Legislative Update, MD Horse Industry Day Report, Upcoming Events August 2016 MHC 2020 Initiative, MHC 10th Annual BBQ Preview, Farm Stewardship Committee Update November 2016 BBQ Report, MHC 2020 and Membership Report, Legislative and Regulatory Report, Horse Council PAC 2015 January 2015 MHC Update, Highlights from Annual Membership and Quarterly Board of Directors Meeting, Horse Council PAC Update May 2015 President’s Letter, Save the Dates July 2015 Hails and Farewells, MHC 30th Anniversary BBQ, Farm Stewardship Spring Meeting Report October 2015  Horse Council PAC Update from Win Hayward, Farm Stewardship Meeting Report 2014 January 2014 Message from the President, Jane Seigler, MHC Annapolis Representative, Why you should be a member of MHC May 2014 Message from the President, Jane Seigler, Legislative Updates, Maryland Fund for Horses Update August 2014 Message from the President, Jane Seigler, Committee Updates • Legislative Updates, Executive Commitee Elections November 2014 MHC: Who We Are, MHC Application, MHC Council Association Members 2013 January 2013 Message from the President, Steuart Pittman, Meet the New Officers, Committee Updates May 2013 Message from the President, Steuart Pittman, Meet the New Executive Committee Members Online County Forums, Committee Updates November 2013 MHC: Who We Are 2012 May 2012 Message from the President, Committee Updates • Legislative Updates, Md Fund...

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