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Snotty Nose? CTs are a game changer for dental and sinus diagnostics

with James A. Brown, BVSc, MS, Diplomate ACT, Diplomate ACVS, Clinical Assistant Professor of Equine Surgery Nasal discharge in horses can be both alarming and frustrating. Pus coming from both nostrils can indicate guttural pouch or lower airway infection, whereas smelly pus coming from one nostril is commonly associated with sinusitis and dental infection related sinusitis. It is important to have a veterinarian exam the horse quickly to determine the cause and to insure there is not a contagious situation such as strangles, which can impact an entire barn. During the exam, a veterinarian will do a palpation of the head for swelling, an oral exam and perhaps an upper airway endoscopy. The vet may also assess the surface of the teeth for abnormalities such as fractures, caries of the infundibulum, and open pulp chambers, which can be accompanied by infection. Despite a thorough exam, sometimes the reason for sinusitis may not be evident and imaging of the head will be the most expeditious means for accurate diagnosis. The complex nature of the horse’s sinus compartments, combined with opacity (whiteness) from fluid, often make radiographs difficult to interpret. Without a diagnosis, horses are often treated with antibiotics and lavage of the sinus compartments. Resolution of symptoms sometimes occurs but in many cases, after treatment is discontinued the problem returns, which can be frustrating. For such horses with sinusitis or...

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MHC Awarded Grant to Launch new Maryland Equine Transition Service

Maryland Horse Council Awarded Grant to Launch the Maryland Equine Transition Service Innovative Safety-Net Solution For Maryland Horses from the Maryland Horse Council The Maryland Horse Council (MHC) announced receipt on January 30 of a $750,000 grant to launch a first-in-the-nation project to facilitate the responsible transition of horses whose owners are no longer able to care for them. MHC was the first state horse council in the country to support a federal ban on export of horses for human consumption, and its members from every sector of the horse industry came together to develop an alternative. The program...

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The Maryland Horse Council Acquires The Equiery

from the Maryland Horse Council The Maryland Horse Council (MHC) is pleased to announce it has completed the acquisition of The Equiery, Maryland’s only all-breed, all-sport, digital and print horse publication. With The Equiery, MHC has acquired a turn-key multi-media publishing and marketing entity that will enable the Council to not only better serve its membership, but to also reach the entire Maryland equestrian community. MHC president Neil Agate, an avid horseman, business owner and technology consultant, spearheads the Council’s team that is strategically implementing a long-range business plan for the organization, so that it can more effectively meet...

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The Equiery Women: Tracy McKenna

Dear Readers: Although there is a change in leadership, the heart and soul of The Equiery will remain the same.  The women you’ve come to know and love, who are the core of the publication, are here to serve you, and we will feature one per week for the next 4 weeks. I am so privileged to have had these women on my team, and I know and trust that they will continue to serve our readers, advertisers and community well. Before I go, I would like you to know a little bit more about who they really are, their roles...

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Summer Camp Discounts

Time to start filling those spots in your Summer Riding Programs & don’t forget about outfitting those campers! Summer Riding Programs & Tack Shops Featured in the March Issue! Discounted rates below & placement in the special section apply to barns advertising their summer riding programs and tack shops advertising specials to help get the campers geared up! Book a 1/2 page ad or larger & add an eblast for 50% off! Advertising Deadline: Tuesday, February 13 Contact Tracy McKenna 410-489-7826 or Become a Maryland Horse Council (MHC) Member Today! Ad Size Black & White Color MHC Member Price (Color Ad) 1/8 Page $93.50 $130.00 $88.00 1/6 Page $119.00 $165.00 $112.00 1/4 Page $157.25 $222.50 $148.00 1/3 Page Horizontal $216.75 $305.00 $204.00 1/3 Page Pie $216.75 $305.00 $204.00 1/2 Page Horizontal $280.50 $405.00 $264.00 1/2 Page Vertical $280.50 $405.00 $264.00 2/3 Page Horizontal $378.25 $545.00 $356.00 Full Page $527.00 $770.00 $496.00 2 Page Spread $935.00 $1250.00 $880.00 Center Spread $960.50 $1280.00 $904.00 *Discounts reflected in prices above. Maryland Horse Council (MHC) Member discount includes free color. **These prices include layout and two ad proofs. Each additional ad proof is...

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Former Marylander Guilty of Cruelty & Embezzlement

First published in the January 2018 Equiery A little over two years ago, we reported on the October 26, 2015 arrest in Orange County, VA, of Anne Goland (a.k.a. Anne Shumate Williams) on 27 counts of animal cruelty after 7 horses were found dead, and 89 that were emaciated, on her property known as Peaceable Farm. According to Orange County Sheriff Mark Amos (as reported by NBC Channel 29), “What I saw was one of the most horrendous sights I’ve ever seen in 28 years of law enforcement.” Goland allegedly relocated horses to this farm from her Dickerson, Maryland, property after numerous complaints were made about her animals to Montgomery County authorities in early 2015. In November, Goland was found guilty on 22 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty; she was appealing the verdict. According to authorities, Goland ostensibly operated a for-profit breeding business in conjunction with the not-for-profit rescue known as Peaceable Farm. As a result of the cruelty charges, law enforcement expanded the scope of the investigation, eventually charging Goland with 13 counts of felony embezzlement from funds donated to help the horses. On December 7, Goland entered a plea agreement, pleading guilty to one count of felony embezzlement, with the other embezzlement charges were dismissed. As a result, Goland was sentenced to five years in jail, all of which were suspended. However, also as part of the...

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